What can NuZenith offer??

The tools necessary to maintain a healthy and satisfying lifestyle:

  • Plan your daily activities for the week. Create and schedule exactly when and where you will complete this exercise. If it is not planned, the chances of it getting done are greatly reduced.

Your Goal: 3-4 sessions of cardiovascular exercise per week for a total of 45-60 minutes. Pick activities you will enjoy and have somevariety.

  • Write down exactly how many calories you can have per day and start tracking your meals.

  • Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day. Many times people mistake hunger for needing hydration.

  • Never skip a meal because it will not only slow down your metabolize but more than likely cause you to overeat at your next meal.
  • For meal plan options visit the Nutritional Edge: http://www.nuzenith.com/breakfast-ideas

The past does not represent the future!

Get going Now!

Welcome to Day 1!

You have made a very important decision to finally take your fitness and nutrition to the level necessary to reach your ultimate goal. To decide is to cut yourself off from all other options.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

If you are serious about losing weight, NuZenith is right for you!!

Most people have little success when trying to lose weight. This may lead you to believe that weight loss is an impossible goal to achieve.

And, for many, it is impossible – because the only thing on their mind is losing the weight.

With research, common knowledge, and my OWN experience with hundreds of clients, I guarantee that you too can lose weight – IF you combine the three key strategies:

  • Regular and effective cardio exercises
  • Strengthening and tonifying exercises such as Yoga or Pilates
  • Smart eating: Planning and tracking your calorie intake every day

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