3 Sneaky Ways To Fit More Exercise In This Summer

fit exercise inSummer is the time of year when everything gets just a little more laid back. Our schedules fill up with barbeques and backyard parties, and we spend more time chatting over a pitcher of sangria on the patio with our girlfriends. Summer is a time when we can lighten up, soak up the sun, and really enjoy ourselves.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always fit well with a healthy meal plan or regular gym routine. So how can we stay on track with our weight loss goals while still making the most of our summer? By getting creative! Here are 3 ways to fit exercise into your busy summer social schedule.

  1. Walk between courses – you’re going out with your girlfriends for drinks and tapas, sure to add hundreds of extra calories to your day. Why not make it a pub crawl, so to speak? Enjoy your first glass of wine at one restaurant, and walk to one nearby for your tapas. Want dessert? Walk for it! It’s a fun way to enjoy the food hot spots in your city and add a little exercise to your night.
  2. Go for brunch – most cities have free or cheap exercise classes on the weekends. Look through your cities meetup or Eventbrite pages to find yoga on the beach or boot camp in the park on Saturday morning. Invite your friends to get your sweat on before you go for brunch. Admit it – you were going for brunch anyway. Now you’ll feel like you’ve earned it.
  3. Be a tourist – a great way to entertain the kids or visiting relatives this summer is to find local sites and attractions and go exploring. Find walking tours or historic neighborhoods, find a couple of galleries and museums, or walk through your local botanical gardens or greenhouses. A few hours of walking around makes a bigger difference than you realize.

These are just a few ways to add light exercise to your social calendar this summer. What are your favorite ways to stay active in the summer?