Benefits of Gomasio

EDEN Organic Black & Tan Gomasio (Sesame Salt) is a 50-50 blend of organically grown whole black and tan sesame seed gently dry roasted and ground with roasted sea salt. The roasted seed and roasted sea salt are slowly ground in a specially designed grinder. Each batch is tested for moisture and shelf life before packing in convenient shaker glass bottles.Gomasio is highly valued for its flavor and health benefits. In Asia it is considered a digestive aid. The lignans, sesamin, sesamol, and sesamolin are antioxidant compounds found in sesame that are said to benefit the vascular system. In Japan, black sesame seeds are believed to keep the hair healthy and dark.

Gomasio, also known as ‘gomashio’ is a traditional Japanese condiment used for centuries. It’s sprinkled on food in place of table salt. Unlike in the West, the Japanese never had the tradition of sprinkling raw salt on food. Instead they prepared condiments for use at the table to enhance and balance the flavor and nutrients of food. When hot sesame is ground with salt, the seed’s oil coats and melts the salt, mellowing it so you experience full flavor while consuming less salt. EDEN Organic Black & Tan Gomasio is low fat and low sodium.

Sesame Sesamum indicum is the oldest known herbaceous plant grown for its seed. It is believed to have originated in Africa where it is known as ‘benniseed’ and ‘sim-sim.’ Used throughout prehistory, the seed was an important food of the early Mediterranean and Eastern civilizations. Greek and Turkish soldiers carried the seeds at all times in their rations. The Egyptians milled sesame seed to make a flour used in bread and other dishes. The Romans ground them into paste to spread on bread. The expression ‘open sesame’ reflects the sesame pod busting open when it reaches maturity and signifies an entrance into splendor and abundance. Sesame is often called the seed of longevity.

The salt in EDEN Gomasio comes from the environmentally protected, historic salt marshes of Algarve, Portugal, an area that has supplied the entire known world with sea salt in prehistory.

EDEN Organic Black & Tan Gomasio is delicious sprinkled over whole grains, pasta, salads, cooked vegetables, hot breakfast cereals, and EDEN Organic Popcorn. Packed in glass with an easy to use dual shaker/pour top.

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