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Truffle French Fries

It is a beautiful day in sunny south Florida. It is about 80 degrees, very low humidity and not a cloud in the sky. I put my bathing suit on and walked out the back porch and down a short path to arrive at the beach to relax. The only problem is I cannot relax into what would normally be the best part of a Saturday morning for me. You might be wondering, what could possibly be the problem? Well, I have been on a pretty strict diet for two weeks now and I have hit the wall. I actually know better than to put myself in this situation, but I did it anyway. In my striving for perfectionism problem, I decided I needed to lose 5 pounds. The funny thing is that I have been the same weight for nearly 27 years. I have been the same for that long because I found a lifestyle approach that works really well for me, but in a moment of weakness, I thought I could override it all with my shear determination and willpower. Guess what, I did it.  I lost the 5 pounds, but like I said: “I hit the wall.” 

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