Melis T

 “I lost 20 pounds in 3 months…”

I lost 20 pounds in 3 months working with Taunya and her The Good Lifestyle program. In the past I’ve tried dieting but nothing has worked as effective as the The Good Lifestyle program. It seemed like I couldn’t lose weight unless I gave up everything I loved. I discovered three important key points about myself:

1.  I was mistaking hunger for thirst. (When I got hungry I drank water first to see if my hunger pangs would go away, they mostly did!)

2.  I was eating until I was “stuffed” not “satisfied”. (I can eat more little meals a day!)

3.  My body weight reacts and is very sensitive to sodium. (My favorite Japanese food items bloated me even though I thought I was being “good” and avoiding carbs!)

The combination of Pilates, Power Plate, and cardio work mixed with Taunya’s The Good Lifestyle guidance, and constant motivation, has kept me on track to live a healthy lifestyle. The knowledge of knowing what works for my body is invaluable.