Module 1


The most important step you can make now is to get organized for a successful week.  Remember the old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

1.  Plan your activities/exercise for the week.  Plan a schedule of exactly when and where you will complete this activity.  Actually, put it in your day timer.  It is always helpful to pick activities you enjoy.


Monday:  Pilates video  4:00

Tuesday:  30 minute power walk 6:30 am

Wednesday:  45 minutes tennis with Becky  5:30

Thursday:  40 minute bike ride  6:30 am

2.  Set up your profile and start recording all your meals and activities into the software so you can make sure you are on track for the day.

3.  Go through your kitchen and get rid of all the junk food and tempting items that could sabotage your efforts in a moment of weakness

4. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of H2O per day.  This will help keep you hydrated and stave off hunger pains.

5.  Never skip a meal because it will only slow down your metabolism and/or cause you to over eat at your next meal.

6.  Print up you’re shopping list and menu and go to the store to purchase everything you need for a successful week!


Nutrition Tip:  

When you are cooking dinner, make enough extra food so you lunch is ready for the next day.  This will save you time and organized for the next day.


Fitness Tip:

 Do this 1 minute exercise everyday to strengthen your abdominals (insert little video of The Hundred)




 Module 1 Video:


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