The Summer Slim Down Series

Welcome to The Good Lifestyle! We are so glad that you are considering joining our Summer Slim Down Series. With the Summer Slim Down Series you will finally lose the weight you’ve wanted to shed for years. This amazing 3-month program will teach you how to drop weight now, and keep it off forever! Make this your healthiest, happiest, most fabulous summer ever and get off the diet rollercoaster!

Have you tried every diet and fitness program on the internet, only to gain the weight back once the program ended?

So have we. That’s why Taunya spent years developing this program. The Summer Slim Down Series is designed to teach you how to reach your weight loss goals, and to make the decisions to keep that weight off long after you’ve completed the session. By the end of the 3 months you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to be able to continue your new healthy lifestyle all on your own.

Taunya’s training is unique with a mind & body nutrition approach that goes far beyond the scope of basic nutrition.With an education in Eating Psychology, Taunya has cutting edge skills to work with the most compelling eating challenges.  Everyone is tired of the same old messages that don’t work. Taunya will listen to your challenges and help you to overcome them.

That’s what makes The Summer Slim Down Series so different. This isn’t the kind of plan where we tell you what to eat and leave you to it. You will work one-on-one with Taunya to develop a personal nutrition and fitness program that fits with your life. With Taunya’s guidance and the support of The Good Lifestyle Community you will be able to make the changes you need to reach your goals and have your best body ever!

Who is this program for?

This program was designed for busy women like you.

The Summer Slim Down Series was designed by a busy woman, for busy women! Taunya – an entrepreneur and a mom – understands the challenges of living a healthy life on a busy schedule and setup this program with those challenges in mind.  With this program even the busy working mom will have the time to get the body they have been looking for.

Don’t have time to make it to the gym? That’s no problem! In this program you can follow along with the workouts on your schedule and in the comfort of your home.

What is included in the Summer Session?

The Summer Session has everything from customized meal plans, full-bodyworkout plans, and a weekly call with your lifestyle coach and more!

Online Success Tools

fitness-screenshot-1Nutrition Tracking

When you sign up you will get access to the exclusive members area of Here you can record your meals and workouts to automatically track calories consumed and burned, ensuring you reach your targets every day. You can even plan your meals for the week, build recipes, and create custom grocery lists. You can also record your weight and measurements and see your progress as you go through the program. This is the best visual tool to help you reach your goals!  





Advance Mat Class-core focus

Workout Videos

Exercise on your schedule with streaming workout videos in the Toolkit area. Your Coach Taunya will take you through full-body and targeted workouts to get your sweat on and melt off those pounds!





When does the Summer Session take place?

The Summer Session is a 3-month program that starts on Monday May 12thand will run until August 11th. Once the program has begun you can work at your own pace during the week to complete your tasks.

Where does the Summer Series take place?

The best part about the Summer Series is that it all of your tools are online, so you can sign up for this program no matter where you live! Personal Strategy calls will be done via Skype, a weekly meeting will be held online, a private Facebook page will house program information and allow you to interactwith your fellow summer slim down team on the program, and all of your tools are accessible in the member’s area of

Why should I join this Session?

We believe that all women deserve to have the body that they have always dreamed of. Our goal is to provide you with all of the tools that you will need to be successful. We want women to understand that they can have busy lives and eat what they like and still look great!



Additional Summer Slim Down Series Information!

The Summer Slim Down Series is completely customized to fit each client’s personal needs. Your 3 month program will start out with a 30 minute one on-one consultation with Head Lifestyle coach, Taunya.   During this consultation Taunya will take the time to learn about your current lifestyle and all of your personal struggles. After she has had the time to assess goals she will provide you with a custom meal plan that includes specific menus – telling you what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. She will even provide you with daily workouts that are customized to your body type,fitness level, and personal objectives.

Taunya will host a call with you and the other members of the program, once a week via a 60 minute call or Skype meeting, to teach you the tools you need to make your weightloss journey not only fun but highly successful as well. At that time she will be able to see how you are doing and answer any questions you might have.

During your 3 month program you will also have the chance to have three personal 15 minute Strategy calls with Taunya. These calls are perfect for when you need some additional motivation or feel that your meal plan/workout schedule needs to be changed or adjusted. And just in case you need even more motivation, you will have access to the Summer Slim Down Series Private Facebook page where you can interact with other members of the program and take part in motivating each other to the finish line!

During the week while you are following your customized plan you will have full access to the Good Lifestyle Online Toolkit where you can track your meals and workouts, get access to great healthy recipes and even workout with 24/7 streaming workout videos. The online toolkit is also able to track your weight loss amounts and provide you with a journal where you can keep track of your accomplishments.


Below is the breakdown of what is provided with the Lifestyle Transformation 3 Month Plan:

  • 30 Minute One-on-One New Member Consultation
  • Custom Made Meal Plans that Fit Your Monthly Goals
  • Custom Workout Routines that Fit Your Busy Schedule
  • Weekly 60 Minute Group Call/Skype Meeting to Review New Goals, Assess Progress & Answer Questions
  • Three personal Strategy calls during the length of the program, at 15 minutes each, to discuss your progress personally with Taunya
  • Unlimited Use to the Online Toolkit which has 24/7 Steaming Videos, Calorie Tracking, Recipes, and Other Great Health & Fitness Tips
  • Access to a Members Only Facebook Group Where You Can Ask Questions and Interact with your Fellow Team Members
  • Weekly Newsletters with Even More Health & Fitness Tips and Tricks from Taunya Herself


As busy women and Mom’s we have a tendency to put ourselves last. We are so busy taking care of everyone else first, that we our often left with no time for ourselves. The time is now to learn how to put yourself first in a non-selfish way. If you are at your best, you will have the fortitude and energy to make everything and everyone else in your life better too!



Take weight off and keep it off for good with our amazing 3 Month Summer Slim Down Series! The Summer Slim Down Series starts on May 12th and is only $399 a month, so hurry and sign-up before all of our slots are full.



 “I lost 20 pounds in 3 months…”

I lost 20 pounds in 3 months working with Taunya and her The Good Lifestyle program. In the past I’ve tried dieting but nothing has worked as effective as the The Good Lifestyle program. It seemed like I couldn’t lose weight unless I gave up everything I loved.

The combination of Pilates, Power Plate, and cardio work mixed with Taunya’s The Good Lifestyle guidance, and constant motivation, has kept me on track to live a healthy lifestyle. The knowledge of knowing what works for my body is invaluable.    Melis T.




Taunya has an unmatchable ability to motivate and inspire…”

Taunya’s friendly and approachable style is complimented by a strong desire and obvious interest in sharing her knowledge in the field of nutrition and fitness with the world. She has a natural ease with others that makes setting and obtaining wellness goals fun and exciting. Her passion and joy for life are evident in the dedication and enthusiasm she brings to her clients. Taunya has an unmatchable ability to motivate and inspire, making the road to wellness an incredible journey, and now her knowledge is something everyone can access and succeed from.   Kate E.



“I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight in no time…”

I have known Taunya Forester for more than 13 years. We were introduced after I had my first child and had gained 60 pounds. You can imagine how badly I felt but she whipped me right into shape. Besides being so flexible while I nursed my baby during my workouts, Taunya was incredibly motivating. We did cardio and weights, and she always mixed it up and made it fun. When I wanted to give up, or was just too tired to go on, she would find a way to keep me going. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight in no time. Then right away I got pregnant again, and another time right after that. She kept me healthy and fit through each of pregnancy, and was there to get me back in shape. Taunya has also helped me with my nutrition program; she is up to date on all of the newest studies and products. Over the years, not only is she my trainer, but she is my friend. One of the most positive and insightful people I know. Taunya’s program works, and it’s more than a program—it’s a way of life.    -Michelle O.