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make a change

Make A Change

One of the toughest lessons most of us still need to learn at least in one or two areas of our lives is that: Everything is a CHOICE! I think sometimes, if not most of the time, we all think life is happening to us, when in actuality it is happening for us. We get […]

I would give my life

I would give my whole life to be able to do that

I was just reading this great story about a world famous violinist named Izhak Perlman. Izhak performed at a charity event in Vienna. After his amazing performance, one of the attendees came up to Izhak and said: “you were absolutely brilliant in your performance.” Izhak replied with a humble, thank you. The man then replied: […]

Tips To Stay Healthy This 4th Of July

Tips To Stay Healthy This 4th Of July

Summer weekends are the best. Barbecues and pool parties, campfires and cold drinks, fireworks and late nights. The celebrations over the summer make some of the best memories. If you’re trying to lose weight, though, summer celebrations can be a tricky thing to navigate. Here are a few tips to stay healthy during summer celebrations: […]

What are you working for

Got a minute?

Earlier this week I was out on my morning run and my mind wandered to a place that it often goes… You! I spend so much time thinking about The Good Lifestyle community and my clients, going over conversations I’ve had with some of you about what you want most in life and what you’re […]

Monday reset button

The Monday Reset Button

Mondays get a bad rap. We dread Mondays. We want to hit snooze for hours and stay in bed and avoid them altogether. I don’t mind Mondays. Sure, sometimes I want to stay in bed a bit longer and savour the weekend for a few hours more, but for the most part, I don’t mind. […]

fit exercise in

3 Sneaky Ways To Fit More Exercise In This Summer

Summer is the time of year when everything gets just a little more laid back. Our schedules fill up with barbeques and backyard parties, and we spend more time chatting over a pitcher of sangria on the patio with our girlfriends. Summer is a time when we can lighten up, soak up the sun, and […]

slip up, ease up

When You Slip Up, Ease Up

This week I went to San Diego to meet up with a fabulous group of women. And I have to admit, I indulged a little. We went out to dinner and shared decadent desserts and a few bottles of shiraz. The company was great and I was thoroughly enjoying myself on this girl’s weekend, so […]

small changes big difference

One Small Change Can Make A Big Difference

If you want big results you have to make big changes, right? Maybe not. Making big changes might seem like the only way to move the needle on the scale – like cutting carbs out entirely, or going dairy free, or running 3 miles a day every day. While these kinds of changes can definitely […]

does food make you feel crazy?

Does Food Make You Feel Crazy?

We all have that one weakness. That food we simply can’t resist. The snack you get out of bed for in the middle of the night when your partner is asleep. The snack you keep hidden in a secret stash because you have to sneak it. It’s our achilles heel and it has the power […]

I Have A Confession To Make

You might remember that I ran a half marathon back in October. Well, I have not gone for a run since then until today. Don’t get me wrong, I still have been working out lifting weights, spinning, tennis, etc-just not running. I woke up this morning with a problem that I needed to solve so […]

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