Breakfast Ideas

1 Cup fresh fruit
1 Cup non fat, sugar free yogurt
Coffee/Tea (skip the cream and sugar)

1 Cup high grain fiber cereal (low sugar/low sodium no more than 150 calories)
¾ Cup Skim milk or non-fat Soy/Rice milk

1 Serving Oatmeal (not instant-cinnamon optional)
1 Serving fresh fruit
Skim milk to taste

Eggs scrambled or omelet style (1 whole egg-3 whites)(use Pam not butter)
1 Ounce low fat, low sodium cheese
Veggies: onion, tomato, pepper, mushroom, etc.

2 Poached eggs (to your liking)
1 Slice Ezekiel bread or whole grain substitute (no butter)

3/4 Cup low fat, sugar free yogurt
½ Cup berries
¼ Cup All Bran cereal
Coffee or Tea

2 Eggs cooked to your liking (use Pam)
1 Slice Ezekiel bread
1 Tablespoon Sugar free jam
½ Cup cottage cheese (low fat/low sodium) w/ ¼ Cup berries
Coffee or Tea

1 Whole egg with 3 egg whites scrambled (Pam)
¼ Diced tomatoes
¼ Avocado
1 Tablespoon shredded parmesan (low sodium)
½ Tablespoon non fat sour cream
I Ezekiel wrap (small one-120 calories)
Coffee or Tea

2 Gluten free waffles
Sugar free syrup or 2 tablespoons sugar free jam
1 Gardenburger veggie sausage
Coffee or Tea

1 Serving of Steel cut oats
1 Cup peaches
10 Chopped almonds
1 Artificial sweetener
Coffee or Tea

Sautéed vegetables and spinach
1 Whole egg with 3 whites scrambled
1 Slice low fat low sodium cheese
1 Crumbled Gardenburger veggie sausage
Coffee or Tea

2 Slices raisin Ezekiel bread (French toast)
2 Egg whites mixed w/cinnamon and 2 tablespoons skim milk
Coffee or Tea

Suitable options in a hurry:

Fresh fruit smoothie (do not add sugar)
Meal replacement bar (preferably higher in protein)
Meal replacement Shake