How To Eat Out & Still Lose Weight

Eating Out With FriendsAren’t you tired of feeling like you cannot have fun just because you’re on a diet?

Do you panic when you’re invited to a party or out to dinner with friends because you’re trying to lose weight?  Well, I have some good news for you.  You can still do all of those fun activities that make life fun and rewarding by following some simple guidelines.  

First, I want to tell you about the #1 biggest mistake people make when they know they have a special engagement.  


HINT: They eat too little throughout the day to help compensate for their night out!

Why is this a problem?

99% of the time it is going to lead you right into what you were trying to avoid:

Eating outIf you eat consistent meals throughout the day it will help you feel nourished and satisfied.  Eating throughout the day will keep you from feeling famished at dinner.


Here are my top tips for not sabotaging your weight loss progress while eating out:

Dining Out Guidelines

  • Ask the waiter to skip delivering the bread basket (way too tempting!)

  • Order salads without croutons, bacon, eggs, etc.  (Stick to vegetables and order dressing on the side so you can use the least amount possible – I like to use my fork to put a little on at a time)

  • Order your protein grilled without any sauce or salt (if you feel like you need the sauce, have it on the side and use a fork to put it on minimally)

  • Order the vegetables steamed so they don’t come dripping in butter.

  • If the portions are huge, take half and put it in a to-go box right from the beginning of your meal.

  • When ordering any type of sandwich, remember to skip the mayonnaise and remove the top bun to cut down on calories and carbohydrates.  You can use mustard instead (virtually no calories).

  • If French fries come with the sandwich, have the waiter bring you salad or vegetables instead (way to tempting!)

  • If you feel like you must have dessert, order a cappuccino with skim milk and be done with it.  

  • If you go out to breakfast, try to stick with an egg white omelet with vegetables and low fat cheese (like Swiss).  Skip the potatoes and order tomato slices instead.  If you must have a slice of bread, make sure to order it without the butter.  Other options would be oatmeal, fresh fruit, or cereal (use skim milk).

  • Probably the most important issue when dining out is to pick a restaurant where you know you can order foods that will help you stay successful on your plan.