I would give my whole life to be able to do that

I would give my lifeI was just reading this great story about a world famous violinist named Izhak Perlman. Izhak performed at a charity event in Vienna. After his amazing performance, one of the attendees came up to Izhak and said: “you were absolutely brilliant in your performance.”

Izhak replied with a humble, thank you. The man then replied: “I would give my whole life to be able to do that.”

Izhak smiled and said, “I have.”

This true story can be applied to your life in many different ways. The way I interpret the story or lesson to be learned is that if we really want to obtain a level of success with something in our life, it must be one of our daily focuses.

What do you want to create in your life that you have yet to get started on?

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