Success Stories

I have had the pleasure of working with many amazing clients and helping them on their life-changing journey to a fit and healthy body. Here are some of their stories:

Melis T

 “I lost 20 pounds in 3 months…”

melisI lost 20 pounds in 3 months working with Taunya and her The Good Lifestyle program. In the past I’ve tried dieting but nothing has worked as effective as the The Good Lifestyle program. It seemed like I couldn’t lose weight unless I gave up everything I loved. I discovered three important key points about myself:

1.  I was mistaking hunger for thirst. (When I got hungry I drank water first to see if my hunger pangs would go away, they mostly did!)

2.  I was eating until I was “stuffed” not “satisfied”. (I can eat more little meals a day!)

3.  My body weight reacts and is very sensitive to sodium. (My favorite Japanese food items bloated me even though I thought I was being “good” and avoiding carbs!)

The combination of Pilates, Power Plate, and cardio work mixed with Taunya’s The Good Lifestyle guidance, and constant motivation, has kept me on track to live a healthy lifestyle. The knowledge of knowing what works for my body is invaluable.


Michell O

“I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight in no time…”

michellI have known Taunya Forester for more than 13 years. We were introduced after I had my first child and had gained 60 pounds. You can imagine how badlyIfelt but she whipped me right into shape. Besides being so flexible while I nursed my baby during my workouts, Taunya was incredibly motivating. We did cardio and weights, and she always mixed it up and made it fun. When I wanted togiveup, or was just too tired to go on, she would find a way to keep me going. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight in no time. Then right away I got pregnant again, and another time right after that. She keptmehealthy and fit through each of pregnancy, and was there to get me back in shape. Taunya has also helped me with my nutrition program; she is up to date on all of the newest studies and products. Over the years, not only is she my trainer, but she is my friend. One of the most positive and insightful people I know. Taunya’s program works, and it’s more than a program—it’s a way of life.


Kate E

“Taunya has an unmatchable ability to motivate and inspire…”

kateTaunya’s friendly and approachable style is complimented by a strong desire and obvious interest in sharing her knowledge in the field of nutrition and fitness with the world. She has a natural ease with others that makes setting and obtaining wellness goals fun and exciting. Her passion and joy for life are evident in the dedication and enthusiasm she brings to her clients. Taunya has an unmatchable ability to motivate and inspire, making the road to wellness an incredible journey, and now her knowledge is something everyone can access and succeed from.


Katie L

“Taunya’s nutritional online program and library are a tremendous resource for her clients.”

katieTaunya is always searching for new ideas to motivate her clients and help them achieve their health goals. Her nutritional program and online nutritional library are a tremendous resource for her clients so that they can integrate their fitness regimen into their nutritional program in order to meet their goals. This program helps people to create a personalized nutritional plan, with weekly consultations and hands-on guidance. As a result, clients learn how to get to, and maintain, their ideal weight and fitness level for a lifetime.

Cindy F

“Taunya inspires me to make healthy choices.”

cindyPilates isn’t the only thing Taunya has mastered… she is a walking data base of healthy options. Let me just say I never miss a session with her!! She inspires me to make healthier choices.




Genevive L

“Taunya makes exercise fun!”

geneviveI have known Taunya for more than five years, and one of the things I love most about working out with Taunya is her positive energy and drive. She makes any exercise fun, and really takes her time to coach me to take the right road to achieve my physical goals. This is one person and website that I will keep in my life for a very long time.