The Monday Reset Button

Monday reset buttonMondays get a bad rap. We dread Mondays. We want to hit snooze for hours and stay in bed and avoid them altogether.

I don’t mind Mondays. Sure, sometimes I want to stay in bed a bit longer and savour the weekend for a few hours more, but for the most part, I don’t mind. Mondays are a fresh start. A new week with a clean slate and a chance to be whatever we want it to be. Every Monday can be like a mini New Years when we start the week with good intentions.

Mondays are like a reset button.

We often let our guard down on the weekends. We flub on our healthy eating plans, we have an extra glass of wine, we skip that morning workout. We think to ourselves “I’ve been good all week, this won’t hurt.”

Now, you know I’m all about letting yourself do what feels right, but here’s the thing: if we let ourselves go crazy on the weekends because we’ve ‘been good all week’, we’re only living a healthy lifestyle about 60-70% of the time. You’re limiting your chances of success by 30-40%. That’s a big deal!

Studies have shown that a person’s willpower is usually stronger at the beginning of a journey. This is why our willpower is the strongest at the beginning of the day, and by 3 o’clock we can totally cave over a chocolate bar. It also explains why we totally abandon our New Years resolutions after 3 weeks. But every time you lose momentum and you slip up, you get farther away from reaching your goals. And once again, Monday comes around and you hit that reset button, ready to start over and try again.

Our willpower actually can be maintained. We can keep our willpower strong if we do something to keep momentum up on it every single day. We are also far more likely to continue working towards our goals if we share it with someone. Having a friend to report back to or go to for a shot of inspiration can keep us accountable and motivated.

So here’s what I’m challenging you to today and this week: start every day with exercise, a healthy meal, and a positive mindset. Do it when your willpower is at its peak, and maintain that willpower by doing it every single day. It doesn’t have to be an hour at the gym or a 5-mile run. Just get up and move for at least 10 minutes. Don’t skip a day.

Then tell someone about it. It can be your partner or your colleague or your best friend or your barista. Or it can be me.

Keep the momentum going, keep your willpower alive, and maybe next Monday you won’t have to hit reset again.

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