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I call it fool-proof, permanent weight loss.

There are three ways for us to work together to get you your dream body and lifestyle. Select one below, or scroll down to read about all 3.

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Picture it. Strutting down the street in an outfit that shows your killer figure and knocks. ‘em. DEAD.

When you walk past, they’ll say, “Now that’s a hot body…”

And you? You’ll have complete confidence in the way you look and feel.

That’s what happens when you know your body outside and IN.

And therein lies the problem…

If you want to look and feel beautiful, you need to know the INSIDE of your body, just as much as you pay attention to the way the OUTSIDE looks.

The celebrity endorsed, “IT” diets you’ve been rolling with – aren’t doing the job. The cycle of losing a few pounds and gaining it right back needs to END.

The truth of the matter is: You really have to know your body to change it.

But maybe you don’t know the first thing about what’s going on inside your body and what do about it.

Look, I get you…

  • You are at the point where you’re so tired of being overweight, of hating your body in a bathing suits, and turning down invitations to hide the way you look – you want something that’s going to help you lose that weight – for good.
  • You are ready to try something new and dip deeper to uncover the truth about your eating habits – NOT just listen to what People magazine has to say about it.
  • You are not afraid to make mistakes, as long as it means you’ll actually figure out what this whole “feel good in the skin you’re in” thing means.
  • You are ready to commit to something and follow through with it. You just need help on what you actually need to do.

That’s where I come in. I make time to get to know you personally.

Taunya Foerester, seated in red dress.With over 25 years of experience as a personal trainer, pilates instructor, and eating coach, I know how to quickly identify problems and craft custom weight loss solutions.

The key is exhaustive research on YOU. Just like the way a celebrity gets fitted for a couture gown – by measuring every detail. A full background check into your “health history,” a detective’s eye on your self-sabotage techniques, a complete checklist of what you love to eat and what you hate, and so much more. Pull it all together into a file that can be pulled up and analyzed to see what needs to be further tweaked to your make your health plan the perfect fit for you. Because a once-size-fits-all method never really did the job.

That’s the kind of custom-tailored attention you get from me.

I put the pieces together. And all you have to do is take it step-by-step.

So you can spend more time living your life, instead of worrying about how you look in it.

Say HELLO to lifestyle changes that last.

Let’s face it. Quick fixes don’t last. But smart changes do. To get what you’ve never had before, you need to do things you’ve never done – and stick with it. You can’t just expect to live the same way and see dramatic results.


There needs to be a shift in your life.

That type of change takes time and work. Because you’re trying to alter ingrained habits that you’ve lived with for years. But with the right support, you can do it. I’ve seen it over and over again in my 25 years as a personal trainer.

With my help, you can…

  • Lose those last, stubborn pounds that you’ve been trying to fight off for years. Or finally shed the weight you’ve been meaning to tackle.
  • Indulge in filling, mouth-watering food that gives you what your body needs – without starving yourself or binging.
  • Implement a custom food plan of cuisine and treats you love and know exactly when to eat it – so you don’t get intense cravings later.
  • Be fueled by energy that lasts all day, instead of sputtering out of juice by 5 o’clock.
  • Learn how to stay motivated where you used to fall flat on your face and quit.
  • Pick up workout routines that actually inspire you to move your body and let you have fun.
  • Get 1-on-1 expert accountability that’s going to keep you fighting stronger, harder, and longer for what you’ve always wanted – that hot body – until it’s as easy as brushing your teeth.
  • Know the principles of the psychology of eating so you can understand what triggers you to make not so healthy food choices and what to do instead.

This isn’t a weak diet that’s going to last for only a few months. This is going to last you for years and years. It’s the real deal. Finally put your weight woes to rest. That’s why I call it fool-proof – it’s completely customized and tweaked over time until it fits you perfectly. You can’t go wrong.

I’ve been doing this for years – time after time, client after client. I’ve seen it ALL. And the results are life-changing.

Here are the BIG Results I’ve Given to People Just Like You

 “I lost 20 pounds in 3 months…”

melisI lost 20 pounds in 3 months working with Taunya and her The Good Lifestyle program. In the past I’ve tried dieting but nothing has worked as effective as the The Good Lifestyle program. It seemed like I couldn’t lose weight unless I gave up everything I loved. I discovered three important key points about myself:

1.  I was mistaking hunger for thirst. (When I got hungry I drank water first to see if my hunger pangs would go away, they mostly did!)

2.  I was eating until I was “stuffed” not “satisfied”. (I can eat more little meals a day!)

3.  My body weight reacts and is very sensitive to sodium. (My favorite Japanese food items bloated me even though I thought I was being “good” and avoiding carbs!)

The combination of Pilates, Power Plate, and cardio work mixed with Taunya’s The Good Lifestyle guidance, and constant motivation, has kept me on track to live a healthy lifestyle. The knowledge of knowing what works for my body is invaluable.


Michell O

“I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight in no time…”

michellI have known Taunya Forester for more than 13 years. We were introduced after I had my first child and had gained 60 pounds. You can imagine how badlyIfelt but she whipped me right into shape. Besides being so flexible while I nursed my baby during my workouts, Taunya was incredibly motivating. We did cardio and weights, and she always mixed it up and made it fun. When I wanted togiveup, or was just too tired to go on, she would find a way to keep me going. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight in no time. Then right away I got pregnant again, and another time right after that. She keptmehealthy and fit through each of pregnancy, and was there to get me back in shape. Taunya has also helped me with my nutrition program; she is up to date on all of the newest studies and products. Over the years, not only is she my trainer, but she is my friend. One of the most positive and insightful people I know. Taunya’s program works, and it’s more than a program—it’s a way of life.


Kate E

“Taunya has an unmatchable ability to motivate and inspire…”

kateTaunya’s friendly and approachable style is complimented by a strong desire and obvious interest in sharing her knowledge in the field of nutrition and fitness with the world. She has a natural ease with others that makes setting and obtaining wellness goals fun and exciting. Her passion and joy for life are evident in the dedication and enthusiasm she brings to her clients. Taunya has an unmatchable ability to motivate and inspire, making the road to wellness an incredible journey, and now her knowledge is something everyone can access and succeed from.

And you can do it to.

Here’s how…

There are 3 ways we can work together

No more trouble figuring out what to eat. No more fumbling around to figure out how to start working out regularly. No more wasting months trying to figure out WHY you keep making mistakes.

Instead know exactly what to do when it comes to food and exercise, and finally be done with it all.

Let’s do this.

1Group Coaching

A circle of permanent weight loss seekers | 6 months

When you’re surrounded by a group of people trying for the same goal of permanent weight loss, you can’t help but get swept along with the current to the finish line. Get inspired to work harder by creating bonds with people who you can really connect with. Plus, you still get hours of 1-on-1 time with me. It’s a journey that’s both healing and exciting.

What You Get:

  • A 60-min 1-on-1 session where I learn more about you and began crafting your custom-tailored plan.
  • Weekly group calls where I teach one of my eating principles and answer some of your questions. Don’t worry, these calls will be recorded.
  • Optional weekly assignments that are learning tools that will help you make bigger changes in your health.
  • The private Facebook group where you can connect to other permanent weight loss seekers.
  • Plus, you get SIX 15-min 1-on-1 strategy calls with me if you are struggling or having issues.

Investment: $399 down payment and $250 month for 6 months





Once you secure your spot, I’ll send you a form to fill out.

Then, we’ll schedule our 1-on-1 session together.

If you have any questions or concerns, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and I’ll help you out.

Private CoachingPrivate Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching with Taunya | 6 Months

With laser-focused, expert attention, you’ll move through your weight loss journey by leaps and bounds. You’ll have personalized coaching to craft your custom-tailored plan. A lot can happen in 6 months. So if we discover holes or if new issues surface down the line, we’ll delve deep to discover the source of the problem and redesign your plan until we make it work. Together, we will create true alignment between your health plan and lifestyle so that it fits your needs and desires.

What You Get:

  • A 60-min 1-on-1 session where I learn more about you and began crafting your custom-tailored plan.
  • Weekly 60-min 1-on-1 calls (via Skype or phone) where we dive deep into what’s going and deal with any problems during your week to see if we can make any improvements.
  • Access to the weekly group calls where I teach one of my eating principles and answer some of your questions. Don’t worry, these calls will be recorded.
  • Optional weekly personalized assignments that are customized to your permanent weight loss journey.
  • Optional weekly group assignments that are learning tools that will help you make bigger changes in your health.
  • The private Facebook group where you can connect to other permanent weight loss seekers.

Investment: $600 down payment and $527 month for 6 months | Includes Group Coaching




Once you secure your spot, I’ll send you a form to fill out.

Then, we’ll schedule our 1-on-1 session together.

If you have any questions or concerns, fill out the form at the bottom of this page and I’ll help you out.

VIP weekendV.I.P. Weekend

In-Person 1-on-1 Coaching with Taunya | Two Days + Two Nights

The Experience:

Before the trip, we have an initial session so I can learn more about you, access your needs, and begin planning our weekend together. Then, I’ll fly to you or you’ll fly to me. We’ll start off Saturday morning with a walk to talk, bond, and decide on the big points we’ll be tackling. Then, we’ll have breakfast out or cook it up together and solidify our plans for the weekend. From then on, I’ll be at your beck and call for two full days. We’ll spend our time arranging everything for you to easily shift the way you live you life, including cooking, organizing, and shopping for all the things you need.

During our time together:

We will look into your past and my expert eye will spot what’s stopped you from making real change before. I’ll give you the insight and strategies to take action and stay motivated. Together, we’ll come up with a plan that is custom-tailored to what you want your life to be like, how you want to feel, and how you want to look. By the end of the two days, you’ll have the tools, information, and a typed out, action plan of your daily food menu and workout schedule. You’ll have a rock solid foundation to begin your new healthy lifestyle. This experience is best for those who want to stop wasting time and get right to what they need to do to transform their lives immediately.

Depending on what you need, we may:

  • Create a itemized menu catered to you and develop a cooking plan that makes meal preparation simple and saves you time
  • Craft a detailed workout plan that’s gets you excited, teaching you exactly how to implement it into your life
  • Go grocery shopping to teach you how to buy the right food for yourself
  • Break down the contents of your pantry so it’s organized and lets you easily pick out ingredients and store food
  • Clean out and organize your kitchen so you don’t have to always hunt for the right tools
  • Shop for workout clothes and even go to the gym to get you signed up for the right membership
  • Grab a meal at a restaurant so I can teach you how to order without sabotaging your new health plan.

Investment: $10,000 | Includes SIX 30-min Implementation Calls & Email Support for up to 6 months after the weekend

If you’re interested in the V.I.P. Weekend, click on Get Stared to fill out the form and I’ll get in touch with you.







Let me answer the common ones.

How do I know working with you will really give me permanent weight loss?

My approach is well rounded. We tackle the problem from every angle: nutrition, fitness, and psychology. I use proven principles of the psychology of eating to help you stay motivated and deal with your triggers. It does not matter whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or anything else. We will develop a plan that works for you. I am straight to the point, but with a lot of passion and empathy if any setbacks come up. You could not be in better hands. If you truly want this, I am your girl.

Why are you the right person for me?

I have been in this industry my whole life and seen and heard it all. I have over 25 years of experience helping people lose weight. I know what works and what doesn’t. This is my life. There’s no mistake that I do this for a living. I’ve always done this. This is who I am. This is my passion. If you want someone like that in your corner – someone who will do whatever it takes to help you get the results you want – than we’re meant to work together.

Why 6 months?

It’s one thing to know what to do and another thing actually doing it. That’s why I commit to being by your side for 6 months to help you through any difficulties, issues, or setbacks. Lifestyle changes take time. I’ll be there for you to make sure you learn how to stick to it.

How much time is this going to take me per week?

It’s going to take about 2 hours a week for the calls and homework. Implementing what I teach is another story and depends entirely on your custom-tailored health plan – which we’ll craft while we work together. Either way, you’ll need to take daily steps that will transform your life – and ultimate your body. That’s the only way it’s going to work.

What if I fall behind?

All of our calls will be recorded. That means, if you’re swamped with work, go out of town, or take a vacation and miss some of the group calls, you will be able to access them whenever you like.

I’m not sure I can make this kind of investment…

We spend money on the things we really want. So, how bad do you want to finally end your weight struggles? If it’s not too important to you, than this isn’t for you. But if you’re fed up with not feeling good about yourself, then this is something you need to seriously consider. Just imagine how carefree you would feel in your bathing suit when you’re no longer self-conscious about the way you look – and knowing it’s going to last season after season, year after year. If that’s something you really, really want in your life, you will find the time and the money to make it happen.

What if I’m completely unhappy with the results by the end of the program?

Here’s the thing. If you really want this and follow my instructions that are customized to you, and do all the homework, it will absolutely work. But if you do what I ask – and show me the proof that you did the work (including all of the homework assignments, are active in the group, and ask for my help when you need it) – and you’re STILL not happy, then I’ll give you a 50% refund. But honestly, that’s never happened, ever.

Now, I have a questions for you…

How much longer are you going to wait?

Look. If you’ve made it this far, then it means you want your dream body BAD. And I have to tell you the truth: This can be the last stop on the train. This can be the final chapter in your weight loss story. That’s how confident I am in what I do. You WILL see results with me. If you really want to end this madness once and for all, I am the person for you, period.  

So, what are you waiting for? Is this going to be your New Year’s resolution again next year?

Or are you going to look back on this year as the year you got your body back.

The decision is the hardest part. But once you make it, you’re done. I guarantee you, this is going to work.

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